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Dana and Francesca are security officers. Yesterday, they were on school campus patrol round and sensed a smoke!
It came from men’s bathroom, but smoking is prohibited in school! They broke in and caught red handed two male species!
Stupid guys were shaking in terror and whining to let them free. It was a very serious violation of law and these idiots
understood they’re really fucked up. Guys were ready to do anything instead of go to jail. Well, our ladies had them
in custody and were pulling up there records to see who these brats really were. To their surprise no records were found and
they were gonna have to write hours of paperwork for practically nothing. Fok! So the women came up with a plan.
They decided to give the guys a chance to payback. To play as a sex toys and made two lady-officers satisfied or
get their asses ripped apart in the jail cell. You know the guys agreed and I bet they were happy they did! Dana and Francesca
patrol our campus on regular basis and next time I’m gonna sneak into bathroom and smoke there too! I do love powerful women and
I’m ready to do my best to serve them too! Watch this update yourself and you will agree with me!