Two For Onetrip

Two for one
Two for one
Two for one

Sienna and Francesca are having a girls night playing some poker but need some more action. Her husbands friend comes by and and the game is on. Our ladies decided to fuck him, but were to shy to offer simple fucking party. So, they offered the guy to play a Strip Poker and he agreed (stupid fuck!) As you may see, once he entered the game, they got him naked. Cardsharpers’ tricks, you know! Poor guy tried to win back, but don’t you remember: Father beats his son not for playing, but for trying to recoup. And our male lost not only his clothes, but his cock too! Watch as the winners have their way with him while sucking him dry. Damn, I’d like to bet my cock on too!

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  • x-ray technician:

    What a great resource!

    • Auth:

      Hi girlz, VERY sexy pics of you .none of u alone and fully naked??? I LOVE to eat pussy, and want to see what I would love to taste!!!Do you ever venture to the nowrhtest???Johnxx

  • Kayo:

    Didnt know the forum rules allowed such brillaint posts.

    • Nice young porn stars but the wrong guy was doing the fucking. The slim guy with the long cock shluod have fucked the other guy who didn’t seem all that good at it. And the silly lollipop was just stupid. (2 out of 5 cos I liked the boy with the long cock.)

  • Francesca is so beautiful I want her in me so much. If anoyne knows how I could get a chance to have her fuck me please let me know. I’m begging you I really want her big strapon dildo in my tight ass. So anoyne knows how to get in contact with her please tell me how. Thanks

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